National Urban Extension Leaders

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NUEL Operational Procedures

The following operational procedures were revised and adopted by the NUEL after and as a result of discussion at the December 2017 membership meeting.  Original operating procedures were drafted in 2015.  

Article One: Organization

1.1 The name shall be the National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL). These organizational guidelines pertain to the functioning of the organization.


1.2 The purpose of the National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) organization is to advance the strategic importance and long-term value of urban extension and their related activities. No one will be denied participation in NUEL activities.


1.3 Membership: NUEL was meant to be a grassroots Organization. Any Extension professional working in or responsible for Extension professionals working in urban or metropolitan communities that support the Organization’s purpose of working at the policy level are welcome to join. Membership shall consist of all Extension professionals engaged in the Regional Caucuses, NUEL Action Teams and the NUEL Steering Committee. Membership lists will be maintained l on the Organization list serve. 

Article Two: Meetings

2.1 Meetings of the organization will be planned according to need but will not be less than twice per year.


2.2 At these meetings the Organizational membership may recommend Steering Committee members and receive minutes and other relevant reports.  


2.3 Meetings will be held in urban areas and move around the country so that each region is equally accommodated.

Article Three: NUEL Steering Committee

3.1 The Steering Committee shall be composed of 17 people including representatives as follows: 3 from each of ECOP’s five regions, one from ECOP and one from NIFA. This group provides overall direction and assumes an active role in decision-making. The idea is to maintain a balanced representation from each region and to retain institutional knowledge. Regional Caucus Membership will select Steering Committee representatives.  Any individual nominated for the Steering Committee must provide a letter of support for their nomination from their State Extension Director or their direct supervisor.

          (A) Fifty-one percent (51%) or more of the seated members of the steering committee shall constitute a quorum to take action on any                     matter brought before it.

          (B) The affirmative vote of majority of all members present shall be required for approval of any action.

          (C) The Chair shall be eligible to vote on any motion. In the event of a tie vote on any motion, the motion shall be considered defeated.

          (D) Electronic meetings- Members may participate in a meeting of the Steering Committee by means of conference telephone or similar

                communication equipment that permits all persons participating in the meeting to interact and all persons so participating shall be

                deemed present at the meeting


3.2 The NUEL Steering Committee will be led by an Executive Committee which includes one representative from each of ECOP’s five regions. Terms of the Executive Committee will be one year beginning with the annual meeting in December of each year. Elections will take place in the quarter before the annual meeting and will include Chair, Vice-Chair, Past Chair, Action Teams Liaison and Regional Caucus Liaison. The role of the Executive Committee is to manage the planning and communications; plan agendas; maintain focus and act on behalf of the group in between opportunities for broader decision-making. 


3.3 Regional Caucuses are made up of NUEL members from the four geographic ECOP regions. NUEL members from the 1890’s will be engaged in their respective geographic region. They may organize in whatever manner is most effective for the region. Their recommendation of representatives from their region for the Steering Committee must be determined at least three months prior to the last meeting of the Organization each year.


3.4 The term of a Steering Committee member shall be three (3) years, beginning January 1, 2018, and can be renewed based on the desire of the Regional Caucus membership. Current Steering Committee members’ grand-fathered into the first terms, as described in the next paragraph.


The 15 Regional Steering Committee members will have staggered terms to provide a degree of continuity to the Steering Committee.  Five (5) positions, one from each of the five (5) regions, will begin each year. By January 1, 2018, the three Steering Committee members from each region will determine who fills the three year, two year and 1 year teams to set up the three (3) year rotation.  


3.5 The Steering Committee will meet monthly through conference calls or other communication technology.  Special meetings may be called by a written request of any Steering Committee member with approval of the Executive Committee. A meeting reminder, including a tentative agenda, will be sent to all members at least one week prior to each meeting. The agenda will be prepared by the Chair, with input from the Executive Committee.  Any member may suggest items for inclusion on the Steering Committee Meeting agenda by contacting the Chair.


3.6 All Steering Committee members are required to attend the scheduled meetings. The Steering Committee has the authority to remove any member if a member fails to attend 2 consecutive unexcused meetings.    


3.7 When a vacancy occurs among the members of the Steering Committee, other than from normal expiration, members of that Regional Caucus membership shall make an appointment to fill the vacancy within two months of the vacancy. In the case of ECOP or NIFA, membership will be determined based on processes they decide to employ. 


3.8 Additional Steering Committee memberships may be requested by Extension related entities in writing to the current NUEL Executive Committee prior to July 1 to be considered for Steering Committee membership the following year. The Executive Committee shall recommend to the current Steering Committee any additional Steering Committee memberships deemed suitable for consideration. 

Article Four: NUEL Action Teams

4.1 NUEL conducts work primarily through Action Teams, the make-up of which are established or reviewed annually, or more often if needed, by the Steering Committee and active members. 


4.2 There shall be five (5) standing Action Teams. These are: Communications, Professional Development, Membership Advocacy and Engagement, Partnerships, and National Urban Extension Conference.


4.3 Additional Ad hoc committees may be added based on organizational needs.


4.4 Active members will populate the Action Teams with at least one member from the Steering Committee. Each Action Team must select Team chair(s) who are responsible to ensure that work is completed. The Steering Committee member shall act as the chair or co-chair and the liaison between the Action Team and the Steering Committee who shall reported regularly to the Steering Committee. 

Article Five: Amendments of the Organizational Procedures

5.1 The Steering Committee shall have the authority to adopt, amend and repeal these procedures. Any procedural adoption, amendment, or repeal made hereunder shall be effective upon approval by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Steering Committee at a meeting where a quorum is present.  


5.2 Issues not covered by these Procedures will be referred to Robert's Rules of Order.


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